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Amanda overlooking Waimea Canyon in Kauai HawaiiWith experiences ranging from building a water system for a village in Peru to being the head chef at a Nicaragua surf camp, Amanda – a self admitted googly-eyed-holic, is no stranger to seeking out adventure. Although conversational in Chinese and Spanish, her real passion shows as she tries to teach acquaintances her silly dance (note: you can do this to any music or no music at at!). Growing up in a first generation American household in Houston Texas allowed her to be surrounded with home cooked meals not easily found in restaurants in the states. Getting the opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds is her favorite part of traveling. (Written by Matt)

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Matt enjoying Joshua Tree National Park CaliforniaBefore embarking on this adventure, Matt, the goofy, travel planning mastermind lived in the paradise known as Manhattan Beach, CA, where he spent mornings with the best volleyball group @ 14th St. and ate wet burritos from Los Muchachos. Fortunate to grow up on a ranch in small-town Texas with access to grass-fed beef from his family pasture, fresh-caught Gulf Coast fish and a home garden, Matt grew up with every slow food-lover’s dream. His childhood (and now adulthood) hobbies included raising raccoons, fixing antique cars, and tracking down the closest surf break or swimming hole. (Written by Amanda)

Steps to Date: 1,874,042 *        Day Avg: 16,584

*We will be using pedometers to document the amount of steps we walk throughout our journey.