Lima, Peru: Hotel Luxury and Our Jacuzzi Lavanderia

Lima Peru Plaza Del ArmasWe arrived in Lima at 4:30AM, but this time there would be no bus station sleeping, we were going to live in the lap of luxury at the Sheraton!  We agreed to use our hard-earned hotel points to splurge on a nice hotel stay once a month.   Ok, so some people may consider this cheating on the backpacking lifestyle, but – hot showers, hotel-provided toilet paper, and towels!   Did we wake up from a dream?

Luckily they allowed us to check in at 5AM so I got to take a nap while Matt sat in the shower for about 30 minutes rinsing away a month of sand and salt water (ok, not that bad).  The scale showed that Matt lost 10 pounds, so at 6AM we were in the lounge ready for breakfast.  I was slightly embarrassed because it was like he had never seen food before.  And then I immediately felt bad – had I been starving him during our trip?

Inca Kola Cop Lima Peru

Inca Kola Traffic Cop

We caught up on sleep, took a long walk around the central Lima, and planned on going to explore more the next day.  Although we were staying in a 5-star hotel, we could not afford their laundry service and there were no lavanderias in the area so we decided to use our Jacuzzi to good use.  Two loads of laundry washed in a combination of bar soap and body wash (they only sold detergent in bulk!), our clean(ish) clothes were hanging from our balcony.

Supermarket Cuy for sale Lima Peru

Supermarket Cuy for sale in Lima Peru

Unfortunately, that night I got sick and had a fever the next day.  I was asleep most the day as Matt made many trips to the lounge and spent time blow-drying our jeans and wool socks that hadn’t dried in the gloomy grey-skied Lima.  Stephanie (MVP) had introduced us to another one of her friends and I was hoping to feel well enough to meet him for dinner.  I was excited for some proper Pisco sours, but decided that going with a fever + upcoming 22-hour bus to Cusco the next day would be a poor life decision.  This time, we decided to splurge on Cruz del Sur.

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